All The Moods

All The Moods


All the Moods includes our six original adaptogen blends in go-anywhere, compostable sachets. Each sachet makes three tonics. Eighteen servings per box.

Indulgent, organic and wildcrafted adaptogen powders blended to support the body's natural defenses against physical, emotional and environmental stress.

Golden Turmeric, 8g

Anti-inflammatory // Digestive aid // Antioxidant // Detoxifier

Blue Green Protein, 4.4g

Plant protein // Skin food // Anti-inflammatory // Immunity food // Detoxifier

Energy Tonic, 5.26g

Energy food // Memory food // Hormone balancer // Mood food

Calming Adaptogen, 5.26g

Stress relief // Memory food // Hormone balancer // Immunity booster

Bliss Booster, 5.7g

Bliss food // Hormone balancer // Mood food

Mushroom Adaptogen, 5.1g

Immunity food // Anti-inflammatory // Anti-viral // Mood food // Energy food

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